Community Programs

Gold Care Services proudly bases the name of every program around the safety, sanctity and love found in every happy and healthy home.

Our philosophy is to help develop character and values in people of all ages through informational , nurturing and skill building workshops and groups so achievements and personal growth are more than just a dream but a reality.


This program is a “Happiness Workshop” designed for children ages 4-12 that focuses on a variety of current events that impact the well-being of children.  Features include music, crafts and other forms of entertainment.  Program meets one Saturday morning a month.  Locations and times TBD.


This program is designed for young women ages 12-18 that focuses on the challenges and emotions associated with life as an emerging woman.  Features will include guest speakers and open dialogue about relevant topics such as social media, suicide, abstinence and more.  Program meets one evening a month.  Dates and locations TBD


This program is known a sour “Men”toring program and is designed for adolescent teens and young men ages 14-19 that have encountered troubled times and are looking to embark on fresh, productive paths.  This group will be led by male community leaders from Medina County.  Program meets one day per month.  Dates and locations TBD


This program is designed for women of all ages that are suffering from challenges associated with health, parenting, divorce and other issues.  This group will share and enjoy dialogue and advice from other peer members, speakers and participate in outings in order to form an undeniable support system.  Program meets one day per month.  Dates and locations TBD.


This program is designed to incorporate activities for the entire family that act as an unforgettable bond.  It’s a “technology free” encounter that is sure to make the experience most memorable and meaningful.


This program is an advocacy group  specifically designed for parents and children dealing with educational institutions and matters related to iep’s.


For additional information on any of the aforementioned programs please contact Amy Costello at Gold Care Services at 330 722-4653